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Cooney Engineered Solutions Heads to ASHE Annual Conference

by | Aug 2, 2021

Cooney Engineered Solutions to Highlight Innovative HVAC Technologies at 2021 ASHE Annual Conference 

KING OF PRUSSIA, Penn., July 30, 2021 – Cooney Engineered Solutions will head to Nashville, TN August 8th-11th 2021 to exhibit at the 2021 ASHE (American Society of Health care Engineers) Annual Conference.

The ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition is the trusted national conference and trade show for healthcare facility management and engineering professionals. This is the premier event that keeps healthcare facility managers informed on current issues in the industry.

With four days of educational programming and numerous networking events, this conference will help attendees adapt to the changing health care landscape and take their careers to the next level. 

Cooney Engineered Solutions will showcase HVAC technologies to help healthcare facilities operate smoothly and efficiently at booth #539. Demonstrations of how Cooney Freeze Block™ coils and the Smart Coil system work to prevent freeze damage will be on display at the booth. 

Many healthcare and hospital applications require a high percentage (and sometimes 100%) of outdoor air which increases the risk of a frozen coil during the winter. Uptime is expected to be at or

near 100% for critical care areas, and a ruptured coil can displace patients and doctors until the issues are resolved. Related water damage can also damage expensive equipment such as MRI machines. Cooney Freeze Block™ Coils and the Smart Coil System can help healthcare facility managers alleviate this concern and be aware of potential issues.

About Cooney Engineered Solutions

Over a decade ago, we began as a small manufactures rep firm. What made us unique was not only our ability to fix problems for our partners, but our desire to create solutions. This approach led us to develop new technologies and launched us into the manufacturing industry. It continues to be our mindset as we work to find simple solutions to complex HVAC problems.


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