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At Cooney Engineered Solutions, we combine decades of industry expertise with a dedication to innovation. Understanding that contractors need reliable, efficient, and straightforward solutions for HVAC systems, we’ve engineered a range of products that stand up to the challenges faced by today’s mechanical contractors. Even beyond products, we provide a partnership you can rely on for even your most challenging projects.

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Steam Energy Comparison

Use our energy analysis to calculate the increase in energy recovery and yearly energy savings of a Thermo-Pack vs. a Shell & Tube heat exchanger

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Glycol Calculator

What is the true cost of glycol? Compare the cost of operating a hydronic system with glycol vs. water with Freeze Block freeze protection.

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Infectious Disease Control Cost vs. Efficacy

Use our coronavirus calculator to compare infectious disease strategy, efficacies, upfront price, and cost over time.

Proven Solutions

Whether it’s installing new air handling units or maintaining existing systems, contractors are often tasked with keeping HVAC units running smoothly while balancing costs. Our solutions are designed to minimize operational interruptions, keep maintenance costs low, and ensure the comfort and safety of an environment with reliable HVAC systems.

Additionally, as regulations evolve to emphasize sustainability, Cooney Engineered Solutions delivers eco-conscious options helping contractors meet compliance and exceed expectations.
Our Freeze Block™ coils are designed to protect your building and HVAC system from these issues, eliminate exorbitant replacement costs, reduce downtime, and keep your operations running smoothly. Discover more about how our Freeze Block™ coils can ensure that your building’s HVAC system remains efficient, reliable, and cost-effective, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – managing your property with peace of mind.

Simplify with Cooney
Freeze Block™ Coils

Our Freeze Block™ Coils are the designed for ease and reliability. With countless successful installations, these coils are designed with the contractor in mind, they promise hassle-free installation and resilient performance, ensuring you can deliver top-tier service with confidence.

Prevent Damage Before It Occurs

With Freeze Block Coils, forget the nightmare of ruptured coils and the downtime, repair costs, and headaches they bring. Our optional Smart Coil System integrates seamlessly, providing real-time alerts and communication with building automation systems for proactive freeze protection.

Energy and Cost Savings

Freeze Block coils can offer an efficient alternative to glycol systems, to reduce both energy usage and operational costs.

Seamless Integration

Available for both new equipment and replacement jobs, Freeze Block Coils fit seamlessly into your projects, ensuring reliable freeze protection with easy installation.

Freeze Block HVAC Coil Prevents Freeze Damage
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Drive Efficiency with Cooney Thermo-Pack

The Thermo-Pack steam-to-water heat exchanger is helping educational, pharmaceutical and food processing facilities across North America reduce their carbon footprint.

Slashing energy consumption by 10-15% compared to traditional heat exchangers, the Thermo-Pack helps contractors provide a cost-effective solution that contributes to sustainability goals while reducing maintenance. Available for domestic, heating hot water, and process applications.

Efficient Design

With a compact design, our Thermo-Pack minimizes space requirements and maximizes heat transfer, providing efficient solutions for all types of projects. Engineered to sub-cool steam condensate by utilizing the maximum amount of energy from every pound of steam, the Thermo-Pack increases efficiency and eliminates flash steam.

Energy and Cost Savings

Freeze Block coils can offer an efficient alternative to glycol systems, to reduce both energy usage and operational costs.

Simple Installation

The Thermo-Pack’s compact vertical design can easily fit into tight mechanical rooms and the ability to customize dimensions and outlet orientations helps to installation a breeze.

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Beyond our innovative product offerings, Cooney Engineered Solutions is your technical ally. From energy analyses to personalized consultations, we stand beside contractors every step of the way. Our mission is to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver unmatched value to your clients.

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Support Beyond Products

Trust is built on reliability, and at Cooney Engineered Solutions, we understand that contractors place their reputation on the line with every installation. That’s why we don’t just sell; we support.

Proudly built in the heart of America and supported by our dedicated team just outside Philadelphia, our products are a testament to American craftsmanship and innovation. Our extensive representative network spans North America, ensuring that wherever your next project takes you, expert support and guidance are always within reach.

Have a question on a new project or in need of some guidance with installation? Our team is here to help, contact us today!