At Cooney Engineered Solutions, innovation meets reliability to create state-of-the-art HVAC solutions that address your most significant challenges — maximizing efficiency and ensuring reliable performance throughout your buildings.

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Steam Energy Comparison

Use our energy analysis to calculate the increase in energy recovery and yearly energy savings of a Thermo-Pack vs. a Shell & Tube heat exchanger

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Glycol Calculator

What is the true cost of glycol? Compare the cost of operating a hydronic system with glycol vs. water with Freeze Block freeze protection.

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Infectious Disease Control Cost vs. Efficacy

Use our coronavirus calculator to compare infectious disease strategy, efficacies, upfront price, and cost over time.

Design & Analysis Tools

The Engineers Toolbox for Success

Innovate with confidence. Use our calculators to compare different strategies, evaluate costs, and ultimately, design more effective and efficient HVAC systems. Explore our selection of calculators and tools designed to streamline your engineering process. Whether you’re comparing energy strategies or calculating operating costs, our tools ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Resource Library

Your Trusted Partner in HVAC Engineering

At Cooney Engineered Solutions, we’re here to offer resources and support whenever you need it. Whether you have a technical question or need advice on choosing the right coil selection for a project, our team of experts is always ready to help.

Our collection of specifications, white papers, and product brochures are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of our products and the technology behind them.

We understand that as engineers, you appreciate precision and thoroughness. That’s why our resources are carefully curated, containing detailed data, case studies, and analyses that help you make informed decisions.

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Whether you’re designing a new system or optimizing an existing one, you can trust Cooney Engineered Solutions to provide the resources and support you need.


Empowering Engineers with Knowledge


We believe that knowledge empowers, and we’re committed to sharing our expertise with you. So, dive deep, learn with us, and let’s create a more efficient and sustainable future together. Experience the Cooney difference, where education meets innovation.

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Featured Products

Showcasing Innovation and Efficiency


Our focused product lineup is a testament to our commitment to solving industry-specific problems with simple, robust solutions. Each product is designed with precision engineering and forward-thinking, to directly address the challenges in the HVAC industry.

These are practical real-world solutions that are making a difference in buildings across North America. Our goal is to redefine industry standards, enhancing the performance and reliability of buildings everywhere.

Our products are about offering smarter choices—solutions that save costs, respect the environment, and stand strong against the harshest elements. Experience the power of innovation with Cooney Engineered Solutions, where we’re not just selling HVAC systems—we’re building strong partnerships, one solution at a time.

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