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We Solve Complex HVAC Problems with Simple Solutions

Over a decade ago, we began as a small manufactures rep firm. What made us unique was not only our ability to fix problems for our partners, but our desire to create solutions.

This approach led us to develop new technologies and entered us into the manufacturing industry. This remains our mentality as we work to find simple solutions to complex HVAC problems.


Meet The Team

Evan Jones

Key Accounts Manager mid-west & northwest

Rick Kobylinski

Product ManageR

Gregg Hopson

Director of Engineering


David Broman

Managing Director

Bob cooney

president / CEo



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Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Not Just Fix the Problem, But Create the Solution.

After witnessing countless freeze-damaged coils and the problems they created made us believe there must be a better way.

Having started in the coil replacement business, it would have been easy to accept another order for a freeze-damaged coil. But our founder Bob Cooney decided to not just fix the problem, but create the solution.

This was the catalyst for the development Freeze Block™ Technology and continues to be our mindset as we develop heat transfer solutions.

Our Products

Heat Transfer Solutions

At Cooney Engineered Solutions we strive to introduce simple yet innovative solutions to the HVAC industry.

Cooney Freeze Proof HVAC Coils


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