Freeze Block

Your Solution for Freeze Damaged HVAC Coils

No more winters worrying about frozen HVAC coils! Our innovative Freeze Block™ Coils are designed to prevent freeze-damage in both fluid coils and steam coils. Whether it’s for new air handlers or replacement coils, we’ve got you covered.

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How Freeze BlockCoils Work

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Burst Protection  Up to -74F

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Maintenance free operation


Green Glycol alternative

Our Freeze Block™ Coils are not just a product, they’re an investment towards reducing future maintenance, downtime, and coil failure. Here’s how they work:

  • Freeze Block™ Valves sense changes in pressure & temperature.
  • As a coil begins to freeze, a controlled volume of water is displaced from the coil to prevent coil freeze damage.
  • The Freeze Block™ valves then reseat to prevent flooding.
  • In many cases, eliminates the need for glycol, enhancing efficiency.
  • All coils come with a minimum 30-month warranty against freeze damage.
  • Add a Smart Coil System for instant notification of freeze events and a 48-month warranty.
  • Available for hot water, chilled water, and steam coils.

At temperatures 32°F and below, water can freeze and expand, causing excessive pressures that result in HVAC coil damage within a matter of minutes. Consequentially, expensive and time-consuming maintenance, coil repair, downtime, and potentially serious subsequent damage from the thaw and flood often occurs.

System failures frequently happen. Thanks to Freeze Block technology, you can add another layer of protection, should a freeze occur.

Tube OD Options 1/2″ Die 16, 5/8″ Die 1 & 2
Tube Material Copper
Tube Wall 1/2″ OD tube / .022″ min,.016″ not available
5/8″ OD Tube / All options
Fin Material Aluminum / All options
Copper / All options
Fin Height Maximum 48″ *Anything over 48″ will need to be reviewed by Cooney Coil.
Fin Length Maximum 144″ *Anything over 144″ will need to be reviewed by Cooney Coil.
Rows 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Circuiting 1 row: half
2 row: full
4 row: full or double
6 row: full / *Can do double but would make it opposite end connections
8 row: full or double
10 row: full / *Can do double but would make it opposite end connections
12 row: full or double
Header Material Standard Type L
Type K Copper


Need a replacement HVAC coil ASAP?

We can help! We offer 15, 10, and 2-day expedited options. Give us a call at (610) 783-1136 for availability and pricing.

Certified in accordance with AHRI Force-Circulation Air-Cooling and Air-Heating Coils Certification Program which is based on AHRI Standard 410 within the Range of Standard Rating Conditions listed in Table 1 of the Standard. Certified units may be found in the AHRI Directory at

Freeze Block Coils are designed to prevent freeze-damaged coils. Available for fluid and steam coils for new air handlers and replacement coils.

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New Equipment + Replacement HVAC Coils

Our Freeze Block coils are available for both fluid and steam coils, providing comprehensive protection for all types of HVAC systems. These coils have been meticulously engineered to prevent rupture and damage, ensuring your HVAC system continues to operate efficiently even in the harshest of winters.

Integrate Superior Freeze Protection Coils into Your New Air Handling Unit

Over the years, we’ve partnered with numerous custom and catalog air handling unit manufacturers, helping them integrate our Freeze Block™ coils into their new units seamlessly. Our team works closely with you, understanding your specific needs and designing solutions that fit perfectly into your existing system.

Rupture Proof Fluid & Steam Replacement HVAC Coils

We can manufacture replacement coils for any manufacturer, make or model. Whether your brand is listed below or not, rest assured that we have you covered.

Our coils aren’t just about freeze protection; they’re about precision, compatibility, and peace of mind. Each unit is meticulously engineered to match the exact capacity of your existing coil, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

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Fluid Coils

Available on Hot Water Coils, Chilled Water Coils, Glycol Coils

  • Low Profile Design
  • Valves Preassembled and Tested
  • Climate Room and Wind Tunnel Tested to -74 F
  •  30-Month Freeze Protection Guarantee
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Steam Coils

Available Steam Distributing “non-freeze” Coils and Standard Steam Coils

  • Center Tube Alignment
  • Pre-Installed Vacuum Breaker
  • Improved Distributor Tube Orifice Spacing
  • Valves Preassembled and Tested
  • Climate Room and Wind Tunnel Tested to -74 F
  • 30-Month Freeze Protection Guarantee

freeze alert kit

Smart Coil

Make it a Smart Coil for remote monitoring through any BMS and a 48-month freeze protection guarantee.

  • Paired with Freeze Block Technology
  • Compact Design
  • Advanced Sensor
  • Programmed with your BMS

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Standard Coils

Your go-to source for high-quality custom and direct-fit OEM replacement coils for existing HVAC systems.

How Much does Glycol Really Cost?

Are you curious about the potential savings that a switch to our Freeze Block™ coils could bring to your facility? Fill out the form below for instant access to our glycol calculator.

Freeze Block™ Coils an Alternative to Glycol

Go Green, Eliminate Glycol with Freeze Block Coils

Your HVAC system is the heart of your building’s climate control, but it doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources. Traditional methods of glycol coil freeze protectionfreeze protection, such as using glycol, can lead to high energy consumption and maintenance costs due to the substance’s thick viscosity and low heat transfer characteristics.


Freeze Block™ with a Smart Coil System can make for a great glycol alternative in the right situation. Learn how much you can save by switching to fluid coils protected with Cooney Freeze Block™.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Get Your Questions Answered!

Freeze Block Coil Warranty Specification

Why are my fluid or steam HVAC coils freezing?

At Cooney Engineered Solutions, we understand how costly frozen HVAC coils can be to replace. Our Freeze Block technology is the perfect solution for protecting your coils from rupture at freezing temperatures. Read more in our Guide to How HVAC Coils Freeze >>

Our Freeze Block eliminates worries and stress associated with burst coils, potential flooding, and downtime. Our technology is as freeze-proof as possible, preventing your HVAC coils and heating coils from needing costly repairs. 

What makes Freeze Block HVAC coils unique?

Cooney Freeze Block was developed and patented by Cooney Technologies over a period of years. Unlike obsolete technologies on the market, it responds to both of the following freezing scenarios: freezing from the outside in and freezing from the inside out. Our solution has been proven to respond to both pressure and temperature threats simultaneously.

Has this type of HVAC coil been used before?

Steam and fluid HVAC coils with Cooney Freeze Block are installed in HVAC systems all over the continent.

From Ford Motor Company to GlaxoSmithKline to The White House our freeze protection technology has found its way into a large number of HVAC systems.

We have over thousands of active installations over the last decade.

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What maintenance do Freeze Block coils require?

Once a Freeze Block coil has been installed onto your HVAC units, maintenance is minimal. Because Freeze Block contains very few moving parts, and no complex or motorized valves, it requires little or no maintenance.

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Can I retrofit Freeze Block technology onto an existing HVAC coil?

At this time, Freeze Block™ Technology cannot be retrofitted onto existing coils. Infield installation of Freeze Block technology would be expensive and difficult due to the amount of brazing required and the general lack of access to existing coils. 

You can order a new direct-fit replacement coil for any existing fluid or steam coil.

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Can I put Freeze Block coils in a new air handler?

Freeze Block coils can be incorporated into any new air handler. Our product is designed to integrate seamlessly with both catalog and custom air handling units.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with numerous AHU manufacturers, integrating our Freeze Block coils into their units. Our team of heat transfer specialists will ensure the coils fit perfectly into your new AHU, optimizing its efficiency even in challenging weather conditions.

Invest in Freeze Block technology for superior coil freeze protection. Your new air handler deserves the best freeze protection available.

What does the 30-month freeze protection warranty cover?

All Cooney Freeze Block™ Coils are backed by a 30-month warranty against freeze damage.  If you add the Smart Coil freeze alert system, we will extend that to 48-months of protection against freeze damage!


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“We originally thought the coils ruptured when we found a patch of ice on the floor of the air handler. We were very happy that when our system failed, our coils did not rupture. Instead, the relief valves had discharged and when we thawed the coils they went back into operation with no leaks. We are happy that we went the extra mile and protected our HVAC coils with the Freeze Block technology. This event made believers out of us.” 

Roy Stein, The University of Pennsylvania


“These air handlers were a constant nuisance for the client; coils were rupturing every year. Since installing Cooney Freeze Block in 2011 we have yet to see a failure on any coils that were replaced by Herman Goldner Co., Inc. This product really does work.”

Rob Scanlan, Senior Sales Engineer, HERMAN GOLDNER CO. INC. / ACCOUNT REP MARRIOTT 


“Water can freeze and rupture a coil in minutes, often faster than you can respond to a freeze stat alarm, the Cooney Coil helps eliminate this issue, as well as potential flooding and the associated damage.”

Bill Artosky, Vice President of Sales, TOZOUR ENERGY SYSTEMS

penn medicine

“They [Lancaster Rehab Hospital] called about a coil rupture on Unit #1. When they got there we found out the Freeze Block opened and saved this coil. First experience with this and I am thrilled with the results. The freeze stat failed to operate.”



“This product did what we hoped by protecting our steam coils from rupturing and kept the heat on as a result.”


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Reach out for more infrmation on how you can benefit from Cooney Engineered Solutions freeze protection coils! Whether it’s designing coils for your new HVAC system or getting you a better replacement coil, you can trust us to deliver high-quality HVAC coil protection and unbeatable customer service.