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At Cooney Technologies, we solve age-old industry problems with inventive solutions.

Our passion for bringing simple yet innovative solutions to the HVAC industry has been the primary driver in creating our patented Freeze Block™ technology and launched the Cooney team into the manufacturing environment.

We continue to develop these technologies as well help solve new challenges with our Rockstar team.

Our Products

Innovative HVAC Solutions

Cooney Freeze Block™ Technology

Stop the Rupture!

Freeze damage is the leading cause of HVAC coil failure!

When water freezes inside the HVAC coils tubes it can create excessive pressures that causes coil damage within minutes.

This results in expensive and time-consuming maintenance, coil repair, downtime, and potentially serious subsequent damage from the thaw and flood often occurs.

System failures frequently happen. Thanks to Freeze Block™ Technology, you can add another layer of protection, should a freeze occur.

Cooney Smart Coil Technology

The World's Only Smart Coil

The Cooney Smart Coil is helping facilities go green, save money, and reduce downtime. The Smart Coil integrates with any building automation system to save the HVAC system and its coils from the industry epidemic of freeze damage. It's freakin' awesome.

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Cooney Thermo-Pack

Ultra-High Efficiency Steam to Water Heater

Using the latest in shell & coil heat exchanger technology, the Cooney Thermo-Pack provides efficient reliable water heating to the market for both domestic, heating hot water, and process applications.

Engineered to sub-cool steam condensate by utilizing the maximum amount of energy from every pound of steam, the Thermo-Pack can help increase efficiency and eliminates flash steam.

The compact vertical design can easily fit into tight mechanical rooms. While the ability to further customize dimensions and outlet orientations helps to reduce installation time and costs.


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