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Looking for Freeze Proof HVAC Coils? This is What You Really Need

by | Aug 30, 2017

Freeze Proof HVAC Coils Don’t Exist, but Freeze Block Technology Does.

Many of us are familiar with the stories of explorers in search of some mythic object: a city made of gold, a spring that makes humans immortal, and so on. There is something alluring about an object that seems too good to be true. Sometimes it’s difficult to resist the urge to search for it. One such mythic object today is the freeze proof HVAC coil. It’s an enticing myth, but it doesn’t exist.

But sometimes reality is better than fantasy. If you’re looking for a coil that won’t rupture in freezing temperatures, then there is a reliable product out there. Because while the freeze proof coil doesn’t exist, the Cooney Freeze Block coil does!

Why Freeze Block Technology is Better than You Can Imagine

Freeze Proof HVAC CoilsWhen Cooney Freeze Block technology burst onto the scene a few years ago, it was revolutionary. Not only is it the only technology of its kind, but it offers a solution to a problem that plagues many commercial and industrial ventures. In some extreme cases, preventing a ruptured coil and the subsequent flood might mean preventing millions of dollars in damage.

This is why the Freeze Block coil has been so wholeheartedly embraced by commercial and industrial ventures–with thousands of active installations (and counting!) and no failures, Freeze Block technology is the best way to prevent damage to your air handling unit and your business. With Freeze Block technology, you can finally rest assured that your coils will no longer burst due to freeze damage.

The Need for Innovative HVAC Coils

There’s almost no venture that a Cooney Freeze Block coil can’t improve. The risk of a ruptured coil and the subsequent flood are major problems for many commercial and industrial ventures. Here are a few of the ways in which the Cooney Freeze Block coil can make those ventures safer.

  • Pharmaceutical companies: Pharmaceutical companies work with sensitive chemicals and perform valuable research. If the climate in those facilities is not controlled, they risk losing valuable research and products. With the Cooney Freeze Block coil, pharmaceutical companies can be sure that a ruptured coil won’t put their research at risk. (A ruptured coil at a pharmaceutical facility is actually what prompted Bob Cooney to invent the Freeze Block coil in the first place. Read more about it here.)
  • Hospitals: The success of treatment, the safety of surgeries, and the well-being of patients heavily depend on a hospital’s ability to regulate temperature and prevent damage to its facilities. With Cooney Freeze Block technology, hospitals no longer need to worry about coils bursting due to freeze damage and the chaos that such an event can cause.

You don’t have to keep searching for ever-illusive freeze-proof HVAC coils. Instead, you can take advantage of our innovative Freeze Block technology and never again have to worry about ruptures caused by freezing coils. If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing applications of this technology, get in touch with us at 610-783-1136. We’d love to tell you more about what our technology can do for you.


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