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[Infographic] Glycol in HVAC Systems

by | Jul 21, 2021


In HVAC Systems

Glycol is fluid commonly used in hydronic heating systems in cold climates to help prevent freeze damage. Simply put, glycol is antifreeze.

Temp Frost

Cut Way Water Left in Coil Split

Coils that contain glycol can still freeze!

When glycol is improperly mixed it can cause slugs of water to travel throughout the piping. These water slugs are subject to freezing and can split a copper line.

Types of Glycol


Ethylene glycol has a high freeze point but it is highly toxic and should not be used in applications where water could be contaminated.


Propylene glycol is less toxic then ethylene glycol but with less heat transfer and a higher viscosity.


Have You Considered?

While glycol has a low freeze point, other factors should still be considered before using it for HVAC coil freeze protection such as energy + maintenance costs, toxicity levels, and corrosiveness.

Energy Costs





Did you know switching from glycol to water can save you 5-10% on energy costs?

Discover how much glycol is truly costing your facility and build a business case for switching to water protected by Cooney Freeze Block™ coils.

Polar bear
The Truth About Glycol in Your HVAC System

The Truth About Glycol in Your HVAC System

Glycol is a popular choice for protecting HVAC systems against freezing temperatures, but it comes with drawbacks such as energy efficiency and corrosion. Compare the cost of glycol to other solutions like Freeze Block Coils and make an informed decision that best suits your HVAC system needs.


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