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Efficient Steam Heat Exchanger Solutions: Cooney Thermo-Pack

Cooney Thermo-Pack: Efficient Steam Heat Exchanger Solutions

Efficient Steam Heat Exchanger Solutions

Learn about the Cooney Thermo-Pack and why many customers are making the switch from shell & tube heat exchangers.

We’re talking about the Cooney Thermo-Pack! This is a 10-minute informational session followed by an open discussion** where you can ask our experts and Frank Perry from Cornell University any questions you may have .

**This webinar has been prerecorded

Here’s what we’ll cover:

// Old Technologies

// New Cooney Thermo-Pack Technology

// Cornell Case Study

// Open Discussion / Q&A

Presented By: Rick Kobylinski

Presented By: Rick Kobylinski

Product Manager

  • 41 years experience as a Steamfitter
  • Owner/Operator of RSK Mechanical 20 ½ years
  • In-house Contractor at GlaxoSmithKline
  • Industries Served:
    • Refineries
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Schools / Universities
    • Heavy Industrial

Questions? Contact Rick Kobylinski via email at Rick@cooneycoil.com


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