Smart Coil

The World’s Only Smart HVAC Coil

The Cooney Smart Coil is helping facilities go green, save money and reduce downtime. The Smart Coil integrates with any building automation system to save the HVAC system and its coils from the industry epidemic of freeze damage. It’s freakin’ awesome.

Smart Coil Freeze Alert HVAC Alarm

How Smart Coil Works

Instant Freeze Notification HVAC Coil

The Ultimate in Coil Freeze Protection

  • Available for new & existing Freeze Block Coils
  • Immediate notification of a freezing event in your HVAC System
  • 48-month warranty against freeze-damage on new coils
  • The sensor can be wired to send a signal to the building automation system and programmed to:
    • Turn off the fan
    • Close the outside air dampers
    • Open a valve or circulating pump
    • Signal an audio or visual alert at the site or control room
    • Send an alert to email or cell phone

Industry Leading Protection 

For the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to your commercial HVAC system, the Smart Coil is here to help. With Smart Coil’s industry-leading 48-month warranty, you can rest assured that your coils are protected no matter what the temperature is outside.

As a facility manager, you’ll never have to worry about costly repairs or unexpected breakdowns again. So don’t wait any longer – protect your coils from freeze damage today with the Cooney Smart Coil!

Protect Vulnerable HVAC Coils


ASHRAE’s COVID mitigation strategies include using more outside air and increase air turnovers. Is your facility prepared to face freezing conditions?

The Cooney Smart Coil System can help to protect your most vulnerable steam and fluid coils with 24/7 remote monitoring. Get notified instantly through the building automation system when potential issues occur. 



Although our Cooney Freeze Block technology includes built-in rupture protection, Smart Coil Systems detect when an HVAC system is in danger and can proactively prevent freeze damage while notifying your staff before a problem occurs.


All Cooney Smart Coils are manufactured to spec, including pressure and temperature presets. Find out more about our detailed specifications. 



The Smart Coil is designed to work with Freeze Block Coils to provide real-time alerts to the control system when a freeze has been detected. Learn more about the installation and maintenance of the Cooney Smart Coil System. Available for 120V or 24V power supply.


Cooney Engineered Solutions believes in providing the highest quality products and customer service. That’s why we include a Limited Warranty Period for our Freeze Block coils. Find out more about how our product warranties work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a recommended sequence of operations?

We recommend the following:

+ Shut the fan down

+ Close the outdoor air dampers

+ Turn on the preheat coil (steam, hot water, or electric)

+ Turn on chilled water circulation pump (where applicable)

+ Send an alarm to Building Management System and personnel

Will we get nuisance alarms with this technology?

The system is designed so that the only time this should alarm would be if the coils have frozen or are dangerously close to freezing. This is typically far outside of the design operating conditions of the air handler.

How do I pair this with my building automation system?

There are two options for output on the control board:

1.) Normally Open

2.) Normally Closed

Depending on your building management system, one of the options will be utilized to report the alarm.

Can I retrofit Smart Coil technology?

You absolutely can make your existing Freeze Block coils “smart” by adding the smart coil system. We will ship you a new generation freeze block valve (if needed), control box, clips, and wiring for retrofitting. If you do not have a Freeze Block coil, you’ll need to purchase a Freeze Block coil along with the Smart Coil system.

Can I use Freeze Block Coils + Smart Coil in a unit ventilator?

Yes! Learn more about Smart Coils specially engineered for unit ventilators here.

Will the sensor pick up condensation when used on a chilled water coil?

No. The adapter clip is designed to shed water in a way that will only allow the sensor to know when a valve discharges.

How many sensors can be utilized with a single control box?

Up to 30 sensors

Is the control box rated for outdoor use?

Yes, the control box is a NEMA 4 enclosure and can be used outdoors.

Are the sensor cables rated for use in Air Handlers?

Yes, they are rated for AHU use under UL 2464.

How long are the sensor wires?

Each sensor lead comes with 50 feet of wire.

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