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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Freeze Block Technology Unique?

Cooney Freeze Block was developed and patented by Cooney Technologies over a period of years. Unlike obsolete technologies on the market, it responds to both of the following freezing scenarios: freezing from the outside in and freezing from the inside out. Our solution has been proven to respond to both pressure and temperature threats simultaneously.


How much maintenance do Freeze Block coils require?

Once a Freeze Block coil has been installed onto your existing HVAC units, maintenance is minimal. Because Freeze Block contains very few moving parts, and no complex or motorized valves, it requires little or no maintenance.

Has this technology been deployed?

Cooney Freeze Block Technology is installed in HVAC systems all over the continent.

From Ford Motor Comany to GlaxoSmithKline to The White House our technology has found its way into a large number of HVAC systems.

We have thousands of active installations with 100% success.

Can I retrofit Freeze Block

Infield installation of this technology would be expensive and difficult due to the amount of brazing required and the general lack of access to existing coils. At this time, Freeze Block™ Technology cannot be retrofitted onto existing coils.

What does the Freeze Block Warranty Cover?

All Cooney Freeze Block™ Coils are backed by a 30-month warranty against freeze damage.  If you add the Smart Coil freeze alert system, we will extend that to 48-months protection against freeze damage!

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Can I put this Freeze Block in a new air handler?

Cooney Freeze Block technology is compatible with all air handling systems. Including catalog and custom air handling units.

Because our staff members are trained heat transfer specialists, they can size and select coils for your system while guaranteeing fit, form, and function. You can rest assured knowing that our Freeze Block technology will fit into your new air handling system.


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