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Smart Coil for Critical Facilities

by | Apr 11, 2024

Enhanced HVAC Freeze Protection for Critical Facilities

You’re in charge of keeping a critical facility running smoothly – maybe it’s a hospital, a lab where groundbreaking pharmaceutical research is happening, or a busy school. Everything’s moving along nicely until an HVAC coil bursts. Suddenly, the pressure is on, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s not just about discomfort; it’s about keeping vital operations going seamlessly.

For facility managers and maintenance personnel, this scenario is all too familiar. Traditionally, they’ve relied on certain methods to keep things from freezing over and causing havoc. But let’s face it, those old-school tactics are, well, old-school.

Understanding How Smart Coils Work

The Cooney Smart Coil is the only HVAC coil designed to take protective action against the common industry problem of freeze damage. Even with safeguards in place on a standard coil, mechanical failure, human error, and extreme weather conditions can allow freezing air to reach vulnerable coils, causing them to bulge and split.

Freeze Block technology protects the coil from freeze damage by using specially designed expansion headers mated with dual-acting pressure and temperature relief valves. The valves are designed to displace a controlled volume of water over a conductivity sensor as a coil begins to freeze and reseat after discharging to prevent flooding once thawed. The conductivity sensor can be wired to your BMS to automatically alert the operations team of issues and take preventative action to stop and prevent damage to the HVAC system and building.





Smart Coils vs. Traditional HVAC Coils

Cooney Smart Coils aren’t your traditional heating and cooling coils, they are designed for mission-critical environments. Our smart coils use advanced technology to monitor freezing events, providing enhanced freeze protection and preventing costly disruptions.

Freeze Damage Split with Freezestat alarm

Similar to a freezestat, our Smart Coils work with a building’s automation system to alert facilities of potential freezing events. In contrast to a freezestat, Smart Coil only triggers an alarm when the Freeze Block valve deploys over the sensor. This approach minimizes the occurrence of unnecessary alarms, system trips, and operational downtime in critical facilities.

Freeze stats on standard HVAC coils often cause nuisance alarms, causing maintenance staff to turn down the set temperatures or shut them off completely to keep AHUs running.

Integrating Smart Coils into Your Facility

Specifying Freeze Block & Smart Coils within your mission-critical facilities couldn’t be simpler. Our coils can be added to any new air-handling unit. We’ve worked with countless air handling unit OEM’s including Trane, Daikin, Carrier, Johnson Controls, AAON, Nortek and more!

Working on replacing a freeze damaged coil or a large retrofit project? We can help with replacement coil applications too! Our coils can be made to fit in any existing HVAC system. Freeze Block coils are designed, so that they protect and warranty the coil from freeze damage without sacrificing any face area of the coil.

Our team of experts are on hand to guide you in selecting the best coil for your application, saving on energy costs, and prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. Be proactive and give your critical facility the smart freeze protection it deserves.

The revolutionization of freeze protection is here. Make the smart choice, choose Cooney Smart Coils.

Coil Freeze Plugs vs Freeze Block Coils

Coil Freeze Plugs vs Freeze Block Coils

Learn about your coil freeze protection options! In this blog, we examine Freeze Block Coils & Freeze Plugs comparing their effectiveness, maintenance requirements, flood risk, lifespan, durability, and warranty coverage. Keep reading to determine which option is best suited for your facility’s specific needs. Don’t miss out on expert guidance from our team; book a call today to explore the benefits of using Freeze Block Coils. Make an informed decision now to avoid costly repairs and potential facility damage caused by freezing events in the future.

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Maximizing HVAC Performance with Replacement Coil Upgrades

Maximizing HVAC Performance with Replacement Coil Upgrades

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