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Cooney Engineered Solutions Heads to Austin for the IDEA 2021 Conference

by | Sep 12, 2021

Yee-Ha, We’re Heading to Austin!

Join Cooney Engineered Solutions and other industry leaders at IDEA2021: Powering the Future: District Energy/CHP/Microgrids in Austin, TX.

IDEA2021 provides a unique opportunity to bring together leading energy and sustainability professionals from around the globe to advance the deployment of district energy, CHP, and microgrids in cities and municipalities worldwide. With over 100 leading technology providers, innovators, and supplier exhibitors, tours of local state-of-the-art district energy/CHP/microgrid systems, a pre-conference workshop, and dozens of industry expert presentations, panels, and forums, IDEA 2021 will deliver unique insight and valuable industry knowledge.

Cooney Engineered Solutions will be displaying HVAC solutions to help district energy customers save energy, minimize maintenance and eliminate downtime at booth #45. Attendees will be able to see a live demonstration of what happens when a coil freezes and how Freeze Block™ Coils are designed to prevent rupture. Attendees can also learn about the newest packaged heat exchanger skid, the Cooney Thermo-Pack, and how it is helping district energy customers reduce their thermal footprint, minimize maintenance and save space.

Register today to secure your spot to attend in person or virtually.

About Cooney Engineered Solutions

Over a decade ago, we began as a small manufactures rep firm. What made us unique was not only our ability to fix problems for our partners, but our desire to create solutions. This approach led us to develop new technologies and launched us into the manufacturing industry. It continues to be our mindset as we work to find simple solutions to complex HVAC problems.


Cooney Engineered Solutions Looks Back at 2022

Cooney Engineered Solutions Looks Back at 2022

At Engineered Solutions, we are proud of our success in 2022. We have expanded our rep network to five new firms across North America to provide localized and personalized support to our customers, ensuring they always receive the best service possible. Learn more about what we were up to in 2022.


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