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Why You Won’t Find A Freeze Proof Coil In Baltimore

by | Mar 26, 2020

HVAC systems are complicated pieces of machinery.

As technology advances, we find better and more efficient ways to heat and cool our air. However, technological progress can also come with myths about the latest developments. One such myth claims that you can find a freeze proof coil in Baltimore.

The truth is that you can’t find a freeze proof coil in Baltimore because freeze proof coils don’t exist. However, at Cooney Engineered Solutions, we provide you with Cooney Freeze Block™ technology, which prevents HVAC coils from rupturing due to freeze damage.

In other words, we won’t lead you astray with false promises. We operate with integrity and provide high-quality products. Let’s take a look at why Cooney Engineered Solutions is the company you can trust to prevent your coils from failing due to freeze damage.

Why You Can Trust Cooney Freeze Block Technology

If you want to guarantee that your coil does not rupture due to freezing conditions, then Cooney Engineered Solutions is the only company that you can trust. At Cooney Engineered Solutions, we have developed a reputation through our incomparable service and unique product. Here’s what we can offer customers like you:

  • Ingenuity: Our company’s president, Bob Cooney, invented Cooney Freeze Block™ technology in order to protect HVAC coils from freeze damage. This is a unique invention, as no other product can guarantee that your coil will not rupture as a result of freezing temperatures.
  • Reliability: At Cooney Engineered Solutions, we always deliver on our promises. This is proven by the fact that we have installed over 1000 Freeze Block™ coils and have never had one rupture. When we say that our technology prevents your coils from failing due to freeze damage, we mean it. Our Freeze Block™ coil has never failed.

If you waste your time searching for freeze proof coils in Baltimore, then you will only return empty-handed and disappointed. However, if you contact us at Cooney Engineered Solutions, we can provide you with the only technology that’s guaranteed to protect your coils from freeze damage. Contact us or give us a call at 610-783-1136 to take advantage of this opportunity.


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